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Contract scientific services

Contract clinical research service

Scalable, cost-effective contract CRO services

Synergy is SRG’s niche CRO. We occupy a unique space in the industry offering a smarter, scalable approach to outsourcing and an enviable customer retention and satisfaction record.

Companies turn to us for the considerable cost savings, increased productivity and flexibility our professional contract clinical and on-site laboratory services can deliver by enabling them to focus on core activities.

Synergy’s contract services are:

Professional – our contract teams are qualified scientists and clinical experts

Flexible – select on or off-site provision and scale up or down as needed

Dedicated – all clients have an account manager focused on their project delivery

Cost-effective – outsourcing non-core activities transforms productivity and reduces overheads

Secure – avoids the challenges usually associated with data transfer and traditional outsourcing models

Controllable – you maintain complete visibility of the project and real-time access to data 

Our clients benefit from a service that is driven by Key Performance Indicators and results backed by a full Service Level Agreement, with payment based upon deliverables.